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If you’re reading this, you most likely got here from the back of THE PURSUAL, Book 1 of The Nome Chronicles Series. Thanks so much for stopping by.


It’s a retelling of the story of Romeo & Juliet…set in the far future. This prequel to THE PURSUAL introduces the main characters in the series and specifically, highlights when Neith and Invier meet. That introduction is the ball that gets the entire Nome Chronicles series rolling.

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How much will she sacrifice for love?

Neith has never questioned her duty to marry according to status and wealth–until she falls in love, and the world turns on its head. Invier, lowborn but romantic, is willing to defy societal pressures and demand Neith’s hand in marriage.

However, in a world where status is key, such a marital alliance would invite rival families to crush Neith’s family, leaving Neith desperately struggling to find a solution that doesn’t involve choosing between love and family.

The Proem is a prequel short story to The Pursual, Book 1 of The Nome Chronicles series. It weaves compelling characters, political intrigue and first love into a fast-paced tale.

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