The Paragon is finally here!

Yes! The final book in The Nome Chronicles series launched today and I’m practically giddy. I’ve got a chilled bottle of Moscato waiting and I’m going to celebrate with that and a book. Oh, and chocolate cake. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to have chocolate cake and an alcoholic beverage with the launch of each book. =DFF John The Paragon ebook

Snatch your copy now, while the price is a low $0.99c. The price is that low to celebrate the launch and will go up to $4.99. The Paragon is currently available at Amazon and Google Play but will go live at Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo and Apple in a few hours.


When love turns to hate, is there a way back?

Since her father’s death and the subsequent betrayal, Neith trusts no one. She has learned to be ruthless and will do whatever it takes to defeat anyone in her way. Having once loved Invier only adds to her determination to crush him.

Invier can’t believe the girl he sacrificed so much for wants him dead, and he’s desperate to convince Neith he’s not her enemy. But her threat is not his only concern, nor is she the only one he needs to save. In the end, finding a solution might require him to resort to the very tool he hates—violence—and, he may need to kill the one he loves.

Invier and Neith’s struggles will bring them head to head in a final and deadly showdown as The Nome Chronicles come to a thrilling conclusion in THE PARAGON.

When’s the best time of year to publish my book? Pt 2

Last week, I wrote about my approach to determining when I would publish THE PURSUAL. In that post, I noted my review of the top 100 books in the Teen & Young Adult Romance category. I also wrote on the months that were absent of books.

Now, it’s time to follow up with what I did as the next part of my research to answer the question posed above.

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When’s the best time of year to publish my book? Pt 1

This is undoubtedly a question most of us Indie Writers ask at some point in the creative process. From my research, there’s no definite answer. Nevertheless, I felt the need to do some searching for AN answer.

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