Learning & Loving Story Archetypes

When author and writing guru (can I call her that) Becca Puglisi makes a recommendation, I daresay it’s a good idea to consider it. And that’s how I ended up at Sara LeTourneau’s website and Archetypes.com learning about character archetypes.

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#instafreebie – Read The Proem For Free

This Valentine’s season, I’d like to offer my short story, THE PROEM, for free.


It’s a prequel to THE PURSUAL and introduces the main characters in the series and specifically, highlighting when Neith and Invier meet. That introduction is the ball that gets the entire Nome Chronicles series rolling.

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Introducing … Bel

We’ve met Neith, Invier and Landen Sohr already and now it’s time for another character to receive a proper introduction.

Please welcome Bel!

Her name is short for Belema and she’s Neith’s best friend. They’ve grown up together and their families are very close.

Bel often acts as the voice of reason for her bestie and has different ideas on certain aspects of the world they live in. You’ve got to read the books to see how what happens with her and her relationships.

Blurb Work: The Pursual

Image result for blurbs.jpg

Writing the blurb for The Pursual has been the hardest thing ever. As in…the extra hardest.

I honestly didn’t think it would prove as difficult, even though I’ve read that it’s hard work.

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Help! Figuring out a book cover concept

I want to work on my book covers for the Nome Chronicles Trilogy series I’m writing but I have no idea what they should look like. I reached out to a designer who kindly sent two ideas and that sent me into a panic because…I don’t know what I want.

The series has 2 MCs – a girl, Neith, and a boy, Invier. They’re in a secret relationship and the only way to make things official is for the boy to ‘win’ the right to be with her. He now has to participate in a competition against a set of interesting characters who have their own reasons for being there.

The book is YA and a look at covers in that genre suggests faces on the cover. Many trad published books have images of symbols instead. I’ll note that symbols play a significant role in my series as the families to which the participants belong to all have family emblems.

My original idea, was to put symbol(s) on the cover but as an indie, my cover has to work hard to attract readers and give them a clue of what to expect.

And so, here I am, unsure what my covers will be and hoping … no, PRAYING for some insight.

Source: http://www.clipartbest.com/clipart-7TaKK77TA

Wondering what the character Neith looks like? Check out this article here. An introduction to Invier is here. Meet another character, Landen Sohr, here.

If you are a writer, how have you come up with your book covers? Do share.

UPDATE: The cover for THE PURSUAL is done. See it here.

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