It’s been a while…

Due to a sad family situation, I had to take some time away from this blog and the business of writing in general. Luckily, I had pre-arranged certain posts to keep appearing on my blog so that took some pressure off me. Sadly, it’s actually been about 2 months since I’ve been able to be active when it comes to my business and love – creating stories.

Anyway, I’m back and giving myself this week to get back into the groove of things.

I’ve been listening to podcasts at the Self-Publishing RoundTable and spending a good amount of time at

I’ve decided that one way to get back to business is to start outlining Book 3 of the Nome  Trilogy Chronicles. Did I mention that Book 1 is with an editor? Oh, did I note that the first draft of Book 2 is completed? And did I mention that my newly created publishing company finally has a logo? The first designer I worked with sent me stock images and logos that didn’t seem to fit what I was going for (no fault of his though). Luckily, one of my lovely sisters in law whipped something simple but effective together for me. I love it.

Oh, did I mention that I booked a cover with a designer? Oh, did I mention that I won free formatting from a small company as well?

i am world tour

I guess I have managed to stay busy even during this spell of sadness that befell my family and I. Sometimes, doing little things helps to get you through the dark times.

I will say this, I THANK GOD for His eternal mercies upon myself and my loved ones because the month of August was not only tough but dangerous. Still, I was tested and now have testimonies to share and thanksgiving to give to the Man up high.

But, I won’t bore you with all that, other than to say, if you don’t mind please tell God thanks for me. I know you don’t actually know me, but I’d appreciate it.

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A round of editing done!

The Pursual, Book 1 in my series, The Nome Chronicles Trilogy, has been done for a while but due to a few issues, I only got to do a thorough review over the last 3 weeks.  I feel so good knowing I got through this last round of editing. I even had a glass of wine.  I’ve battled the flu and other issues in that time but feel so grateful.

But, all that work is just a drop in the ocean of what is to come. I want the story to have a professional developmental edit and proofreading. A professional cover needs to be created, the story will need to be formatted for print and ebook format. Even after all that, the work will not cease as marketing and networking will be essential.

Oh, and did I mention that I still have to edit Book 2 and write Book 3?  All of which will require the same steps needed for Book 1.

Still, I’m happy to be where I am right now.  Only God knows what will come of all of this but I pray this writing venture all goes well because I feel very blessed to be doing what I’m doing.

So, take it away Linnithia Leakes –


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