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With half the world between them, can love still bring them together?

The difference in status between Neith and Invier prevents their marriage, and when Neith’s schemes to overcome that obstacle backfire, she ends up putting her entire family at risk. It’s no longer a game when all Neith’s enemies combine against her.

Invier, all alone, and on the other side of the world is running for his life. It’s not just his own head he’s worried about for there is danger lurking for the ones he loves.

Invier and Neith each have their own battle to be won. They ultimately must combine forces to have any chance. But, will they?

The Paladin is the second book in The Nome Chronicles Series. It is a fast-paced tale of a possible far future for readers who liked the Hunger Games, The Lone City series and enjoy the political jockeying of Game of Thrones.

Explore THE PALADIN, the prequel short story, THE PROEM, as well as THE PURSUAL today! All three are available in this exciting young adult, dystopian  series.


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