Struggling with the sin of Passive Voice

Yup, that image describes me to a T right now. Well, not really because my hair is in a bun but you know what I mean.

I’m currently fighting against the sin of passive voice. Some instances escaped the last few edits and so here I am trying to eliminate them one by one.

Passive voice occurs in writing when the subject of the sentence is acted on by the verb. It’s the opposite of active voice where the subject of the sentence performs the action or the verb. Continue reading “Struggling with the sin of Passive Voice”

#Editingtip: Kill Your Echoes

No matter how many words you know in the English language, you’re bound to use a handful over and over again. I’ve never been so aware of this as the hours tick down to the release of my first book, The Pursual. These words can become echoes in your story – words that jump off the page to the reader. And not in a good way. Some words will always disappear when a reader sees them. Think of he, she, says, said, a etc. Those words are used so often in the English language that they aren’t special anymore. We don’t notice them in a sentence most times.

Echoes are words that haven’t achieved that ‘disappearing’ status and thus stand out when you read them. When they stand out, they pull the reader from being in the story, making her blink and say to herself, “Didn’t he just use that word a few paragraphs ago?”

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Crimson Sky

Dusk is an eerie time to be outside. After all everyone’s heard the horrible tales of what happens on Hallows Eve. But all it took was one smile and I stepped out of the shelter with him.

As we strolled hand in hand my gaze flicked to the sky and I gasped. Staring back at me was a cascade of crimson-hued brushstrokes.

“Told you it would be worth your while,” he whispers, his voice thick with the same awe I feel.

Learning & Loving Story Archetypes

When author and writing guru (can I call her that) Becca Puglisi makes a recommendation, I daresay it’s a good idea to consider it. And that’s how I ended up at Sara LeTourneau’s website and learning about character archetypes.

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What I really want to read

Have you ever happened upon a book and loved the title or context so much that you wanted it in your hands that very moment?

I’ve got to say, Win The Political Posting War: Social Media Strategies to Silence the Online Opposition is currently the book doing that to me.

With all the politalk I encounter on social media and even with the people in my everyday life, I not only want to own this book, but also want to hand it out to everyone I meet and tell them, 

Image result for youre welcome gif

I’ve put this book on my wishlist (I’ve got to sell a few books before I can indulge on this or anything, frankly, but that’s another story). But, you don’t have to. You can find Win The Political Posting War at Amazon here. Let’s all keep in mind that this book is simply a gag book to encourage us all to stop fighting about politics on social media.

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Fabulous Free Reads


Looking for some good books this weekend? Want them for free?

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Then, take advantage of a great multi-genre book offering. There are over 20 books available and they are all free!!! You should also consider the many other books from the other authors in the showcase, such as Helen Christian’s The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband (if you like romance). For those who enjoy a great Urban Fantasy book, try Descent by Felicia Beasley (it’s got an incubus and demons). And for the speculative fiction lovers, consider The Missing Loved Ones from TNae Wilcox. It’s a collection of short stories with everything from candy boxes disguised as black holes to tales about cloned children.
Oh, see that first one in the banner above? That’s written by me. It’s called THE PROEM and if you haven’t read it yet, you truly should. The story is the prequel to the upcoming THE PURSUAL. Here’s a short blurb –
Falling in love is dangerous in a world where power and profit are key. Neith was fine with this reality until she met Invier and now she’s had a change of mind. But, as genuine as their love is, the prospect of a relationship won’t be an easy feat.