The LegionBorn Series

On his twenty-fifth birthday, Vaughn Prentiss found out his entire life had been a lie. He wasn’t just the orphan boy who beat the odds to become a rising legal star in Washington D.C. Instead, he was the son of a fallen angel with a target on his back. The subject of a prophecy that could change not only his life, but the very future of mankind.

A prophecy that meant Lucifer wanted him dead.

Intent on staying alive, Vaughn aligns himself with supernaturals and creates an army that can take it to the devil himself. But alliances are like shifting sands–one misstep can mean falling into the depths. And when hidden enemies lurk, a misstep means death for him and for those he cares for.

Vaughn must navigate the delicate realities of the supernatural community and get stronger if he’s going to stay alive.

The LegionBorn books are an urban fantasy series featuring things that go bump in the night. Delve in and hang on for the ride!

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