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That’s a word for myths and legend, not something I would have picked up when studying for the bar. But here I am, on track to land youngest partner at the firm when I find out why I grew up in an orphanage. My father is a fallen angel and his brother is nothing but trouble. I’m Lucifer’s nephew, and come the next super moon, I’m slated to die.

I’d always wanted to meet my father, but this wasn’t quite how I’d imagined it. It’ll take the help of an angel and a team of supernaturals to stay alive long enough to evade a terrible prophecy. If Satan gets my soul, it’ll be hell on earth, literally.

My name is Vaughn Prentiss. I’m LegionBorn, and I’m not going down without a fight.

This story features mami watas and creatures from African and Japanese folklore.

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