Interested in suspenseful tales that weave corporate politics, action, romance and mystery in a far future that could become a reality for us all?

Check out The Nome Chronicles series from F. F. John and enjoy young adult dystopian novels that fans of Graceling, the Lone City series, the Hunger Game series, the Divergent series have fallen in love with.


Could you choose between love or your birthright?

Neith never thought she’d be faced with such a decision. After all, she always knew her marriage would benefit her family’s conglomerate. Everything changes when Invier confesses his undying love and she knows she needs a life with love. A life with him.

Now, she must choose between Invier and the responsibilities of her position as her father’s heir. Can she have everything she wants?

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Love or power?

Neith has chosen and she won’t sacrifice either. Despite Invier’s low-standing, she’s willing to move mountains to be with him and so, revives a long-abandoned competition – the Pursual. The winner gets the girl and his family gets a lucrative alliance with her influential family.

All Invier has to do is win and they can finally be together.

That’s easier said than done, however, because after being tricked into the competition, Invier has serious doubts about Neith. His social climbing competitors, mysterious deaths, and a growing rebellion don’t make things easier, either.

Will the very competition meant to bring them together drive Neith and Invier apart or will they fight their way to each other?

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