I’m F.F. John – mom, wife, lawyer, thinker, writer with a constantly changing accent. I’m not kidding, my accent fluctuates depending on who I’m speaking to.  My friends and I think it has something to do with having lived in a few too many places.  They include Lagos, Abidjan, NYC, Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland (or Murrland’ as I’ve heard someone from the Baltimore region call it), Trinidad and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Currently, I’m a soon-to-be published author who writes YA science fiction that reflects the world I’d like to see.  It’s chockful of people with names you can’t pronounce (like mine), of an array of cultural, spiritual and racial backgrounds.

Please look out for my current work in progress – The Nome Chronicles.  It’s a trilogy with Book 1 titled ‘The Pursual’. Book 2 is in progress.