Do you remember the song from TLC – ‘What About Your Friends?’ I’ve been thinking about that song a lot recently because I’ve had the opportunity to spend some great time with my best friends. From a couple days in Trinidad with two girlfriends to a few more days with one of my oldest friends (who surprised me for my birthday), I’ve been blessed to enjoy some incredible people in my life.

Why am I thinking about friends so much right now? Well, I’m working on LegionFated, book 4 of the LegionBorn series, and I’ve gotten to a point where my main character and his one remaining best friend, Antonio, have a heart-to-heart. While I can’t spoil the story, I’ve learned a lot from the relationship between these two fictional characters. Friendship is such an important structure in human relationships. Who your friends are says so much about who you are and what you are capable of. I’m enjoying seeing how the relationship between Vaughn (the guy on the cover of the LegionBorn series) and Antonio develops.

I hope you’ll dial into the series to learn more about these characters. You’ll probably learn something new about you in the process.

LegionBorn LegionMarked LegionSworn cover ad 4096x2098

As I mentioned, my friend surprised me for my birthday. I was writing just as someone walked in and all I could do was scream in delight to see her. There’s nothing like seeing one of your oldest friends and getting to spend quality time with her. And as I’m in birthday mode, the visit was all the more sweeter. Nothing like becoming a year older with someone who’s known you forever, lol!

This birthday, I feel (and felt) a great gratitude for the opportunity to gain wisdom and become a better person. I’m happy for the steps I’m going to take to expand and improve myself as an author and my business. I’m excited that I’m going to gain more readers and book-friends as the months go by and I’m looking forward to this time next year when I’ll see the gains of planning, prayer and faith.

Whether or not you’ve got a birthday coming up, I hope you’ll be excited for what’s to come in your life and that of those you care about. Be optimistic and smile. Great things are on the way for you and me.

PS: Happy midterm election day!


Till next time includes LM

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