FFJ’s Freebies, September 25, 2018

It’s been a while since I shared some freebies. I’ve been knee-deep in writing, reading and enjoying the summer.

Well, the summer is dwindling to a sharp close and it’s time to get back to freebie business. So without further delay, check out some free books below.

Oh yeah, they are brought to you by my latest offering – LegionSworn!

LegionSworn final ebook cover F F John

My life is still on the line.

All this time, I thought Lucifer was my main enemy. The one family member that couldn’t wait to see me dead and my soul forfeit. Come to find out, there are other dangerous foes lurking in the shadows to strike me down.

They won’t be satisfied until I fall but I keep my head on the swivel. I’m no longer just an attorney, clueless to the Celestial battle surrounding me.

I’m LegionSworn and it’ll take a heck of a lot to put me in the ground.

LegionSworn is the third book in the LegionBorn, urban fantasy series. Check out

LegionBorn – amazon.com/dp/B078NJGWJG
LegionMarked – amazon.com/dp/B07D2549H1

Coming soon are LegionFated and LegionEnd.


Grab your copy from Amazon where it’s also free in KU. And if your preferred book store is elsewhere, purchase at Amazon and send proof of your purchase to me so I can send you a copy in your preferred reading format. 

A Magical Reckoning: Five Stories of Supernatural Betrayal (Magic and Mischief Book 1) by [Hairston, N. R.]Rebels and Realms: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection by [Adkins, Heather Marie, Blain, RJ, Culican, J.A., Ashworth, Christine, Stevens, E.J., Renee, Heather, Johns, Rosemary A, Booloodian, Amanda, Blitz, Beata, Keller-Hanna, Chrishaun, Lane, Amir, Gill, Caroline A., Walker, Christina]

Born in Fire (Fire and Ice Trilogy Book 1) by [Breene, K.F.]The Impossible Wizard: The Aegis of Merlin Book 1 by [Wisher, James E.]

Scattered Ashes (Ashes to Ashes Book 1) by [Anderson, Annie]War of the Black Tower: An Epic Fantasy (Shadow of the Black Land Book 1) by [Conner, Jack]

Execution of Justice: Covert Ops Military Assassination Thriller by [Dent, Patrick]Something Chosen (Shadow Vampire Series Book 1) by [Owens, Alex]

The Soulkeepers (The Soulkeepers Series Book 1) by [Ching, G. P.]Karma (Karma Series Book 1) by [Augustine, Donna]

And some bonuses for all the time I’ve been away…

Ghost Bird I: The Academy (A Young Adult Romantic Suspense Series) Books 1 - 4 Plus Bonus by [Stone, C. L.]Moonlight Falls (A Dick Moonlight PI Series Book 1) by [Zandri, Vincent]

Captured (Fallen Siren) by [Harper, SJ]Mind Machines (Human++ Book 1) by [Zales, Dima, Zaires, Anna]

That’s 14 books for you to enjoy!

PS: Book prices are subject to change so get ’em now.


Till next time includes LM

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