LegionBorn: trilogy or longer?


As a writer, there is no end to the stories I have in my head. The main hindrance to those stories coming to be is time. There just isn’t enough of it.

Oh, and money. There’s never enough of that either. And if I’m to be honest, money becomes the most important factor when I consider how deep a series will go, sadly.

You see, if the book isn’t pulling it’s weight then that’s an indicator that the book doesn’t have an audience and thus doesn’t deserve to go on and on and on.

And so, here I am wondering whether or not my current baby–LegionBorn–should go past book 3.

LegionBorn final ebook cover F F John

I LOVE writing but books cost money to make. As in, LOTSADOUGH. And, they cost something even more precious–time. When I venture into my ‘cave’ to create, I lose time with family and friends. I also lose time I could use making extra coins on the side (God knows with three kids who eat like moose but never grow fat, my hubby and I need all the coins we can get to keep them from getting hangry and yes, that is a real thing. You’d know if you saw my youngest in action, lol!)

Anyway, I just wish I had a crystal ball that could tell me exactly which way to go with this series. I sunk a lot of money into The Nome Chronicles series and when I crunched the numbers–because I like pain, apparently–it wasn’t a pretty sight. *facepalm*


And in exchange for the crystal ball, I’d happily take a money tree that fed me money whenever needed and for whatever purpose. That way, I wouldn’t worry whether a book was profitable or not. I’d just create to my heart’s content! God knows it’s what I enjoy doing and can push myself for hours on end because it’s so rewarding. Even without the monetary rewards.

Well, hopefully, this decision isn’t one I have to make right this minute. I’ve sent off part of LegionMarked (book 2 in the LegionBorn Urban Fantasy series) to my editor. My spideysense tells me he is ripping it to shreds. Well, that’s why I like him. That and his slightly acerbic commentary which, for some odd reason, always makes me cackle while forcing me to strive for better. I’ve reached out to the cover designer and we will be cranking out cover options at the end of this month. LegionMarked should be published by the middle of May (fingers crossed). And if all goes well, book 3 (will it be LegionEnd or another story I’ve thought of tentatively titled LegionSworn?) should be out in August.

Dear wizards, witches, mages, intuitives, readers of the signs of the universe, feel free to let me know which way to go. Or better yet, buy/borrow (if the book is in Kindle Unlimited) books and leave honest reviews online so authors like myself can get a better idea of when a series needs to die.

Until then, I’m off to continue writing because…you guessed it–I LOVE LIVING MY DREAM!!!!

Till next time,

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