What I really want to read

Have you ever happened upon a book and loved the title or context so much that you wanted it in your hands that very moment?

I’ve got to say, Win The Political Posting War: Social Media Strategies to Silence the Online Opposition is currently the book doing that to me.

With all the politalk I encounter on social media and even with the people in my everyday life, I not only want to own this book, but also want to hand it out to everyone I meet and tell them, 

Image result for youre welcome gif

I’ve put this book on my wishlist (I’ve got to sell a few books before I can indulge on this or anything, frankly, but that’s another story). But, you don’t have to. You can find Win The Political Posting War at Amazon here. Let’s all keep in mind that this book is simply a gag book to encourage us all to stop fighting about politics on social media.

Till next time,


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