Fabulous Free Reads


Looking for some good books this weekend? Want them for free?

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Then, take advantage of a great multi-genre book offering. There are over 20 books available and they are all free!!! You should also consider the many other books from the other authors in the showcase, such as Helen Christian’s The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband (if you like romance). For those who enjoy a great Urban Fantasy book, try Descent by Felicia Beasley (it’s got an incubus and demons). And for the speculative fiction lovers, consider The Missing Loved Ones from TNae Wilcox. It’s a collection of short stories with everything from candy boxes disguised as black holes to tales about cloned children.
Oh, see that first one in the banner above? That’s written by me. It’s called THE PROEM and if you haven’t read it yet, you truly should. The story is the prequel to the upcoming THE PURSUAL. Here’s a short blurb –
Falling in love is dangerous in a world where power and profit are key. Neith was fine with this reality until she met Invier and now she’s had a change of mind. But, as genuine as their love is, the prospect of a relationship won’t be an easy feat.

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