Looking for a cover artist?

The task of finding a cover artist for your books is far from easy. I remember spending months (yes, I still can’t believe it) to narrow things down to the designers I thought met specific criteria.

  • Good work
  • Budget-friendly
  • Create in my genre (YA)
  • Featured in design awards (more on that below)

There are the big names like Damonza (their work is spectacular) but I needed to stretch my budget and for a first time self-publisher, I didn’t want to go overboard. Rather have more money in the kitty for editing, advertising and other covers in my series.

Although I opted for Deranged Doctor Design (see my purty cover here), there are loads of other designers who provide great services. Here are the few who made it to my list (based on the listed criteria). Oh and you could get your custom ebook & paperback cover for under $200. Some for even less than that and of course premades run cheaper.

Image result for goonwrite


Image result for duongcovers




Vivid Covers



There are many other options out there, but these were the five I liked the best outside of the designers I chose (DDD). I will say there was another metric I used – The EBook Cover Design Awards from The Book Designer. I like reading the cover reviews and comments. I also find these awards to be a great resource for finding a cover designer that can work for you.

If anyone would like to have even more names from my list, let me know. Have you used any of these options or do you have other affordable yet capable suggestions? Let us know!

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