The World of The Nome Chronicles

2016 is screeching to an end and I’m still trying to figure out how to introduce my story’s universe to the world. I know my characters intimately and of course am familiar with everything about living in their society but I want other to learn about it too.

So, here it goes.

It’s 2436 and as expected, the world is very different from the one we live in today. Buildings of glass and steel tower the landscape as offerings to the gods of commerce and enterprise that have transformed global culture and living.

Image result for futuristic city

Source: Adam-Varga, Artist

Twenty families sit atop the proverbial ‘food chain’. They are the Nomes of the Group of Twenty and are oftentimes simply referred to as ‘the nomes’ or ‘the Twenty’. They are family-conglomerates whose names are synonymous with the businesses they control. They are the most powerful and impact the fates of all on the planet as well as those who work off-world working on far-flung planets and asteroids.

Each nome is represented by it own insignia that makes its family members or business brands clearly recognizable. They are also rated in an annual ranking that reflects their power and wealth.

Nome Reffour’s Insignia

A notch below are the Lower Houses. They consist of sixty families who play supportive business roles to the nomes. For instance, members of the Lower Houses hold mid-level administrative jobs in nome companies and own smaller businesses that support nome companies in different capacities.

Scioness Neith Reffour is heir to her family’s vast business empire. Her role comes with responsibilities, which include preparing to become a Titane that ensure’s her family doesn’t slip from its position as the second-most powerful nome. Her life consists of working in different capacities at Reffour Enterprises, spending time with her best friend Bel and receiving life lessons from her father and her nome’s Master Portan.

Upon turning 17, her father determines that it is time for her to be paired with a scion from one of the other influential nomes. This is an engagement period, of sorts, between a couple as well as their nomes, which use that time to determine whether aspects of their businesses can blend seamlessly.

But Neith has other plans, however. They include the love of her life, Invier. This despite his family being the lowest ranked. She will do whatever it takes to have Invier as well as power and position. The Pursual – a now-abandoned competition that allowed upward mobility for the lowly ranked – holds the key. Will Invier win? And, if not, will love be worth the price?


I hope this gives a better idea of the world of the Nome Chronicles for others. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to ask either here, at my Instagram or Facebook page.

See you soon and season’s greetings!

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