The Pursual: A Book Cover

I noted in an earlier post that my Book 1 of the Nome Chronicles – The Pursual – has a cover. It’s lovely, if I may say so myself. The people over at Deranged Doctor Design (DDD) were extremely patient with me as I knew what I wanted but couldn’t always explain it adequately.

That cover was the culmination of me spending months agonizing over what it should look like. Late nights spent poring over covers in my genre – YA SFF – and studying everything I could get my hands on about cover art at Kboards and elsewhere.

So, what does my cover look like?If you’ve been on my Instagram page or on my author page on Facebook, you’ve seen snippets of the cover already. However, it’s time for a full reveal here –

What do you think?

The main challenge was to incorporate a symbol into the cover art without it being a distraction. It took a few tweaks, but Kim (the designer) got that symbol in there beautifully. The universe of my story has symbols – called insignia in the series – that represent different family-conglomerates. These families are called nomes and they control the world’s industries and resources. Please see my posts on the blurb here and here for more info on the story. I really wanted to use the varying symbols on different books (read novellas) to signify the family that is the focus of the story.

Anyway, I must thank DDD for the hard-work. I must also thank Horizon Promos as they took my symbol drawings and made them digital, thus enabling me to throw one of them on the cover for Book 1.

Merry Christmas!

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