Blurb Work Redux: The Pursual

I’m still tinkering with the blurb for The Pursual. Here’s what I have so far.

In the future, marriage isn’t about love. It’s about power and profit.

Seventeen-year-old Neith, belongs to the second-most wealthy family. Despite the weighted expectations of her position, she refuses to lock herself into a lifetime with anyone other than Invier. Sadly, his is the weakest of the family-owned conglomerates known as Nomes and in a world where family status is everything, her father will never support their union. Neither will Nome society, which is cruel to those who ignore customs and rules.

Determined to be with the love of her life, Neith orchestrates a risky strategy to give Invier and herself a fighting chance. He must participate in the Pursual, a long-abandoned competition that once enabled upward mobility for the lower-ranked.

All Invier has to do is win. But given his personal struggles of conviction, a series of mysterious deaths, a growing rebellion and the political scheming of the Nomes, that’s easier said than done.

With the life she knows and the future she wants on the line, will Neith’s plans succeed?

And if not, will love be worth the price?

What do you think? I daresay the writing is crisper and more in line with what a blurb should be, creating a bit of suspense as well.

Meh, it’ll change in a few days, you can count on that. =)

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