Blurb Work: The Pursual

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Writing the blurb for The Pursual has been the hardest thing ever. As in…the extra hardest.

I honestly didn’t think it would prove as difficult, even though I’ve read that it’s hard work.

(Yeah, I can be as delusional as the next person *Kanye shrug*)

But, the reason why blurbs are so difficult for writers like me is because a blurb is copy, not a piece of fiction. It’s writing meant to sell your writing. Literally and figuratively. How many fiction writer’s are good at selling their product?

Not many.

And that’s why writing the blurb can be so troublesome.

While trying to figure out how to write a passable blurb (notice, I didn’t say best blurb), I studied lots of blurbs belonging to YA books. I also scoured around the internet in search of tips on how to create a blurb that best told the story about the story I’d written.

After several versions (more than 10), I finally settled on the following –

Is love worth the price?

In a world where humans live well past 150 years with the healing of Restorers, a century with the wrong person is far too long.

Seventeen-year-old Neith intends to spend a lifetime with the mate of her choosing. Not someone whose family-conglomerate, also called a Nome, will make for a good business match.

Her choice? Invier.

Sadly, the love of her life isn’t from a Nome with power and standing commensurate to hers.

Nevertheless, Neith orchestrates the revival of a long abandoned custom for pairing a wealthy Scioness like herself with someone worthy – The Pursual. It’s a competition she intends Invier to win, so everyone will approve of their union and they can live happily ever after.

That’s easier said than done as standing in her way are her father, society’s judgment and the very person she’s doing this for. Invier disagrees on how they can be together and the vehemence of his convictions threaten to splinter them apart.

All this at a time when secret forces play dangerous games, peace trembles on the precipice and the consequences of love could spell death for many.

Will Neith and Invier make it?

What do you think?

I continue to fine tune it with hopes of making it a tad shorter and much punchier. For now, however, this is what I’ve got.

Hoping it’s a good enough start (despite my many other attempts. =)

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