Introducing … Invier

I’ve introduced Neith as well as Landen Sohr – two characters in Book 1 of the Nome Chronicles Trilogy, The Pursual.

As I get closer to finishing the publication process, I realize I haven’t shared much about a major character called Invier.

Invier is Neith’s boyfriend. (In my head, I said boo, but I’m glad I typed boyfriend, lol). He’s a stubborn fella, but he loves his girl completely.

It was a little difficult figuring out what he looked like in my head. I knew components of his features but then one day, I decided to actually figure out exactly what he looked like

Here’s what I came up with –

Image result for victor ross black


The picture above is of model Victor Ross and when I saw him the first time, I thought, “Hey, Invier!”

Can’t wait for the world to meet Invier. I just need to put all the finishing touches to The Pursual to make that happen. That day is coming and I’m so excited!


Till next time!

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7 thoughts on “Introducing … Invier

  1. What a beautiful man! Yet, we have to be careful showing what we think our characters look like because readers may have a different idea. He is almost too perfect to be Invier. Invier to me seemed just a tad bit insecure and love-struck to look like this. Oh, I know what it is, “approachable.” We need to insure that our characters are much like us so we feel we can approach and get to know them.

    But again, oh, la la. However, It changes my perspective of Neith now. “Noooo, how could you!?” (Don’t want to spoil the ending of the book. So go read it. And meet Invier.)


    1. So true. I definitely don’t want to affect how readers see a character in their head. Hmmm….I guess I could get away with this when absolutely nobody read my blog but now you’ve popped up haha.

      Thanks so much for the advice =)

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