#writinglessons from Independence Day Resurgence

I tried y’all.

I really tried.


Independence Day Resurgence was super hard to watch and put me to sleep (granted, I have a lot going on and have been underslept as of late).

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I don’t think I got halfway through this flick but in an attempt to stay awake, I pulled out my phone and started taking notes.

Here’s what I wrote before I passed out. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers because … well … I don’t remember much from the movie.

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Things that weren’t good:

  1. Too many characters each doing important things. Who do I focus on?
  2. Scenes shouldn’t seem so episodic, but must tie into what happened previously or else things seem choppy?
  3. Keep cliches at bay. Did anyone not know that the black guy (Jessie Usher character) was going to punch the white guy (Liam Hemsworth character)?
  4. Don’t rush the story.
  5. Don’t be dumb AND racist – America took advantage of the interaction with aliens but Africa still looked like a backwater. Don’t be creatively lazy.

Yeah, that’s all I have to give as that was my takeaway from what I managed to see. I was really looking forward to this movie too, after all Ms. Vivica Fox is in it.

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