Introducing … Landen Sohr

I continue to share little snippets of the characters in my current Series in Progress, The Nome Chronicles Trilogy.

Landen Sohr is a badass soldier who is part of Nome Reffour.  She is the head of security for the family and shadows Titan Reffour wherever he goes.

I envision her as an Asian lady who towers over everyone in height. She’s a blond baldy, with a square jaw and black eyes.

When I dug through the Google machine, I found loads of ladies who came close to my idea of Landen Sohr but none of them actually fit the bill.

Until I found a picture of Micah Gianelli.

All I know is that she is a fashion blogger and after seing a few more pics of her, it’s clear that she is quite a chameleon. Still, her ‘blond baldy’ moment (uh, I need to TM that term) is everything!!!
No, I don’t know if she’s of Asian extraction, but I know she favors my Landen Sohr and I’m just happy to have a picture as reference for what my character looks like.
As a matter of fact, this is me right now –
My inner little, white girl is dancing just. like. that. Yessss!
And because Captain Jean-Luc Picard is forever a bawse

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