#writingbiz: Setting up my Subscriber List

Oh, how I wish I could simply sit back and create worlds full of interesting people, interesting things and loads of dramatic moments!

Instead, I have to focus on the business of being an author and I’ve come to learn that it’s serious business.

What do I mean? Well, let me tell you.

First and foremost, I had to set up a Twitter account. (Haven’t followed me yet? Check me out @F_F_John. Follow and I’ll follow back!)

Then, I had to set up a blog/website – somewhere where I could have an online home.

That was followed by the quest to start a subscriber list. But to do that I had to a few things in the interim, including, purchasing a domain name (FFJOHN.COM, thank you very much) and set up a non-Gmail or Yahoo email account (so my messages to readers and subsribers looks professional and so I can get my hands on a MailChimp account).

I must thank the kind Kboard users in the ‘You Might Want To Read This if you Use MailChimp‘ thread. They offered affordable and effective suggestions on how to get the most for my buck. This thread and many others highlighted the significance of having a subscriber list.

Save for the MailChimp account, I have done everything listed above and hope to continue down my list of action points that require my attention.

Goodreads Author Page
Facebook page setup (for my author page)
Apple IBooks setup
Youtube Page
Google Analytics
Amazon Affiliates
Amazon Author registration
CreateSpace Setup
Ingram Sparks setup
KOBO set up
Draft 2 Digital set up
Mailchimp setup
Any google play options?
Anything else?

And that’s all I could think of when I was setting up my spreadsheet.

What have you done recently for your Writing Biz? Share, so we can all #ReadWriteLearn!
Also, have you joined my mailing list? It’s very easy, just click here to subscribe.

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