#READWRITELEARN – My philosophy

I figure it takes a while to become good at anything so it’s best to put in the effort.

When it comes to writing fiction, I’ve learned its a different beast from the other types of writing I’ve done most of my life.  Legal briefs, essays, blog posts, magazine articles, love letters etc. (Remember when folks wrote love letters to each other? I wrote one, once, to a boy. It was a major FAIL!)

In order to become the best possible fiction writer I can be, my days are spent reading up on tips and suggestions from other writers as well as reading actual novels.  I also take the time to write, recently accomplishing one of my 2016 goals – writing a book in 3 weeks! (It came in at 69,000 words for the first draft).

All that reading, and writing, puts me on task to learn as much as I can about the craft of storytelling.  And because I love watching stories in the form of scripted programming and movies, I’m also watching my way to better storytelling.  At least that’s what I think.


What about you? Do you #ReadWriteLearn? Share your approach to becoming better at the craft of storytelling.

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